Design Thinking

Ideation in The Design Thinking Process

We meet again! I see this time you've come to see what I have to show about ideation in the design process... or is it to see if I mention Bungo Stray Dogs again? Well, oops! I guess I did just mention it, didn't I hahaha. If we remember from the last article, the first step is inspiration which is to understand, observe and then synthesize our battle plan going into ideation. So... I guess that does bring us to ideation, doesn't it? Let's not get too tangled up in the loopy loop of the design process, and dive right in!

In simple terms, the process of ideation is prototyping and testing. With the action plan set, the next step is to start brainstorming. Now I'm sure you've had to brainstorm before, well, you can consider it to be the same here in the design process. The brainstorming step is to develop the ideas for the action plan to prototype. In a manga, this could be done by bouncing ideas off our team members or friends or even going to scout out locations to see what could be used in the prototype. It could be around creating a vision board with all the different thoughts and ideas that come to mind and seeing how they could connect together. The point is that before jumping into the deep end of prototyping, we need to brainstorm what the prototype could be.

So once we've brainstormed the prototype using the information we interpreted from our inspiration stage... now you can jump into the deep end~ Woohoo! The important thing to remember in the first stages of prototyping is that failure is expected and accepted! It's through the process of failing, reviewing, returning to the bases and restarting the prototyping process that we can fully innovate a product. When prototyping and testing, it's also important to consider if the story that you are trying to tell through the product is successfully being transmitted. However, we will look more into storytelling in the next article as I wouldn't want to spoil too much of the fun of implementation.

Another point that is important to consider when reaching the ideation stage is that this is the creative stage! What does that mean? Well, it's rather crucial that in this stage everyone involved joins with an open mind and can focus on solving the problem in a judgment-free environment. So... How did I go about prototyping my manga while I was working on it? I would draw out the exact dimension of the panel I would be working on and then within that I would do rough drafts of the ideas I have and then ask for feedback on which fit the panel sequence best. However! I didn't just stop there. When drawing in the trial panel that got chosen, I would test the shading and would get more feedback on if anything was amiss as 2 or 3 pairs of eyes could notice more than just the artist's.

Prototyping and testing are the foundations of creating the product that you envision! Constant prototyping leads to fruitful results and the path to innovation. But, just because we managed to get through ideation, doesn't mean we are at the end of the design thinking process! We still have implementation! I understand, however, that we can all use a little break before we get into this final category. My suggestion is a nice nap and maybe some nice snack to get the system going.